UNMJobs Training

Welcome to the UNMJobs Hiring Coordinator Training

This is a simulation-based training that emulates the requisition process for the Hiring Coordinator through each of the five employment areas. Be sure to follow each employment area pathway for the type of employee you hire. When you have completed the pathways for your area, you must acknowledge you have done so in Learning Central (course ID: UNMJobs 101) before you can request the Hiring Coordinator BAR role.


To Complete the UNMJobs Training

  • Complete the training simulations for employment areas in which you hire
  • Once completed, log into Learning Central and search for UNMJobs 101
  • Acknowledge that you have completed the UNMJobs training
  • Log into the BAR
    • Select Roles by Function at the top
    • Select UNMJobs2 Roles (listing is alphabetical)
    • Select Hiring Coordinator and follow the prompts

Obtaining the Hiring Coordinator Role

This training, along with the Securing Private Data course and exam, are required for the Hiring Coordinator role. The Hiring Coordinator role in UNMJobs allows you to create requisitions and ultimately hire applicants.

Technical Support

Technical Requirements for UNMJobs Training

Adobe Flash is required for this training.

If you do not have Adobe Flash installed on your PC, when you open the training you will only see a blank white page. You will need to contact your UNM IT professional to install Adobe Flash for you.

Pop-up blocker must be disabled

You will also need to ensure that your pop-up blocker is disabled or allows pop-ups from unm.edu. If you aren’t sure how to disable your pop-up blocker, refer to this website for step-by-step instructions.

Technical Support and Training Questions

If you have any technical questions or concerns about the training, please contact EOD at eod@unm.edu. 

For other questions about the new UNMJobs, please refer to the /wiki/spaces/THH/pages/48465641.

Training Simulations



Navigation Overview




Creating a Faculty Requisition

Creating a Requisition: Faculty

Approving a Faculty Requisition

Approving a Faculty Requisition
3Reviewing Applicant Material (Search Committees)



Viewing and Managing Applicants (Hiring Coordinator)

Changing Applicant Status and Disposition Reason

Submitting a Faculty Hiring Request

Hiring Request: Regular, Research,Visiting, PostDocs

Approving a Faculty Hiring Request

Approving a Faculty Offer

HSC Faculty

1Creating a Faculty RequisitionCreate a Requisition HSC FCO
2Approving a Faculty RequisitionApproving a Requisition - HSC FCO
3Viewing and Managing ApplicantsN/A
4Submitting a Faculty Hiring RequestSubmitting a Hire Request for Faculty HSC FCO
5Approving a Faculty Hiring RequestApproving a Hiring Request - HSC FCO


1Department Creating a Staff Requisition1. Creating a Staff Requisition
2Department Approving a Staff Requisition2. Approving a Staff Requisition
3Department Reviewing Applicant Material

3. Managing your Applicant Pool

4Department Changing Applicant Status, Disposition, and DRA for Staff3. Managing your Applicant Pool
5Department Creating a Hiring Request4. Creating Hiring Request - Staff
6Approving a Staff Hiring Request5. Approving a Staff Hiring Request


1Create Requisitions for Student Job PostingsCreate a Requisition - Student
2Approve Student RequisitionApprove a Requisition - Student
3Review Application Materials for Student EmployeesReview Application Materials - Student
4Change Applicant Status and Dispositions for StudentsChange Applicant Status and Dispositions - Student
5Approve Student Hiring RequestApprove a Hiring Request - Student


1Submitting a UNMTemps RequestCreating a UNMTemps Requisition
2Department Approving a Staff Requisition2. Approving a Staff Requisition
3Department Changing Applicant Status, Disposition, and DRA for Staff3. Managing your Applicant Pool