Re-Opening a Closed Requisition

Tip from CSOD Client Success Center

After a Requisition is changed to a Closed status, either by hiring an applicant or manually by an administrator, the requisition cannot be re-opened from the General page when viewing the requisition. You can allow for requisitions to be re-opened by changing the status of a Hired applicant that filled the requisition.

1.    First, navigate to the Manage Requisitions page and locate the closed requisition you would like to re-open.

2.    Click on the Applicants Number under the Applicants column to view the applicants within the requisition.

3.    Locate the hired applicant and click on their name to visit their Applicant Profile.

4.    Next to the Current Status field, click on the Hired status link, which will allow you to change their status

5.    Move the applicant back to a previous stage such as In Review or Offer Letter, and save your changes.

6.    After saving your changes, the applicant's status will be reverted and the requisition will change to an Open status.

If you are looking to open a requisition that has no hired applicants, you can hire any applicant, and then follow the steps above to re-open the requisition. Now that the requisition is open again, you can continue to review and hire applicants within the same requisition instead of creating a new one