Determining User Type - UNMJobs

There are different user types in UNMJobs and knowing the type of user is essential for many support functions.


Applicant Type If the user is
External Applicant
  • General public
  • Graduate Student including Graduate Assistants
  • Students that are not Student Employees
  • UNM-Hospital
Internal Applicant
  • Faculty
  • HSC Faculty
  • Student Employee
  • UNM Staff
  • UNMTemp

Triage Questions

  1. Are you trying to apply for a job or are you a department posting a job?
    1. Answer: Trying to apply for a job
      1. Are you a current UNM Staff or UNMTemp, Faculty, HSC Faculty, or Student Employee?
        1. If Yes, this person is an Internal Applicant
        2. If No, this person is an External Applicant
          1. This includes Graduate Students, Students that are not Student Employees, UNM Affiliates, UNMMG, UNM-Hospital and the general public.
    2. Answer: Department posting a job
      1. This person is an Internal User