Department FAQs

Roles and Access


Hiring Coordinator: This is a UNMJobs BAR role that a user must have in order to create requisitions, post job ads and monitor the hiring process of an applicant.

Q: Will I need a new BAR to approve postings and hiring proposals?
A: Department/College Approvers are dynamically assigned by Org in the new UNMJobs system so you will not need to complete a new BAR Role in order to approve Requisitions (= Posting)  and Hiring Requests (= Hiring Proposal).

Q: How do I request a BAR role for UNMJobs 2.0?
A: Visit and look for Hiring Coordinator under UNMJobs 2.0 Roles.

Q: Are there any prerequisite roles required for the Hiring Coordinator role?
A: Yes, you must also complete the Securing Private Data course. If you have taken this in the past, it will not be required again.

Q: My student employee who processes hiring requisitions can't get a Hiring Coordinator BAR role despite my approval, what can be done?
A: Student employees are no longer allowed to have access to process hiring requisitions.

Q: What can the hiring committee do? (assuming they have no other role in the system) Can they change status to "interview"?
A: The reviewers/interviewers cannot change statuses but can add notes to the applicant. 


Q: I completed all my training, why am I unable to log into UNMJobs 2.0?
A: You may not have submitted your BAR role request and/or it may still be pending approval from your supervisor or the system steward.

Q: My BAR role was just approved.  How long does it take to gain access to UNMJobs?
A: BAR data is fed to UNMJobs at 3:00 am, 9:00 am, 3:00 pm, and 9:00 pm everyday.  Access will be granted as soon as the next feed is complete.

Q: I have completed the training and tried to request the Hiring Coordinator BAR role but the BAR says I have not completed the training. What do I do?
A: In Learning Central, you must acknowledge that you completed the UNMJobs training. Log into Learning Central, search "UNMJobs 101" and acknowledge that you completed your training. When you log back into the BAR, you should see "Training Complete" in the Training column.

Approvers and Approvals

Q: Will the Search Committee Chair now have to review?

Q: Are the Approval levels changing? What’s different in the new system?

Q: Will the Hiring Proposal have to go back to the originator (Hiring Coordinator) and start the queue process if a change needs to be made?
A: Generally, changes made to the requisition will re-route through the established approval queues beginning with the Hiring Coordinator.

Q: Is the primary owner the only person who will be able to send/submit a hiring proposal (i.e., select those that will be hired and send their paperwork?) Will other users be able to do this?
A: Anyone designated as an “Owner” on the requisition will be able to send/submit the hiring proposal. You can add Owners under the Hiring Team section. 

Q: How has turnaround time improved?
A: It is required that there is one approver, but you do not need to route to yourself as an approver. OEO review time has been changed such that it does not hold up the process.


Q: Will preferred qualifications be added later? Pre-qualifications – not listed
A:  Preferred qualifications are “minimum qualifications” in the new system

Q: Can you save the requisition mid-point or any point and return to it later?
A: Clicking save or next saves the requisition and allows you to return to complete it at a later time, except in the case of required fields.

Q: Since posting specific questions will no longer be available, is there something that allows you to cross reference if the applicant meets the minimum qualifications for the position?
A: Posting specific information can be included in the job posting or preferred qualifications. The applicant can be instructed to answer how they meet the preferred qualifications in their cover letter.

Q) Need to be able to select hiring manager from other org codes. 

A: You are only able to select a hiring manager from orgs that you have access to.  If you do not have access to the org where the hiring manager resides, you can choose a person in your org, or leave it blank, and include the hiring manager’s information as a note in the comment field.

Q: If my Org code is incorrectly listed in the Offer Details, what do I do? 

A: The ORG code defaults from the value identified as the hiring department on the requisition. It appears in the “Location” field in the offer details. To update the assigned ORG code you would just update the value in the location section. You will only select an ORG code that you have access to see. If you need to select an ORG code that is outside of your permissions, include a comment in the notes box.

System Functionality


Q: If I choose to not hire someone, does the system email them?
A: It depends on the disposition code selected, please refer to the table within Changing Applicant Status and Disposition Reason.

Q: What do emails received by non-selected candidates say? (Gabe please post to Emails)

A: For standard dispensation codes, the email is the following:


Thank you for your interest in employment at The University of New Mexico. Your application for JOB.TITLE (JOB.REQUISITION.ID) with JOB.OU.LOCATION.TITLE has been reviewed and you were not selected for this opportunity. We encourage you to continue visiting our website and to apply for positions that interest you. Our employment opportunities can be found at


For voluntary withdrawals, the email is the following:


You are receiving this email to confirm the withdrawal of your application for JOB.TITLE (requisition number JOB.REQUISITION.ID). Thank you for your interest in working at the University of New Mexico. You can find employment opportunities at


You can view these, and the language for all other system emails, at the following site:  Email Messages

Disposition Code and Email Notification Status

Q: Can we create custom emails?
A: No

Employee Profile/User Accounts

Q: If a UNM employee has a profile in the current system, will it be transitioned to UNMJobs 2.0, or does the employee have to re-enter their profile information?
A: All employees will have to create a new profile in the new system.

Reports and Records

Q: What kind of Reports are available through the new system?
A: Reports can be standard or customized and are downloadable.