Creating a UNMTemps Requisition


This procedure explains how to submit a Requisition Request for a UNMTemps posting.


Department hiring coordinators


Required Security Role: Hiring Coordinator


Action Items

Please Read Prior to Proceeding

Please note that there is no Save option for Requisition Requests. Ensure that you have all of the required and necessary information (to include Executive Approval, HR/Comp Approval if applicable) in order prior to creating your request.

To Submit the UNMTemps request in UNMJobs

  • From the Navigation bar, hover over Recruit and click Manage Requisition.

  • Click Options, Add Requisition

  • Click on the Job Title field.
  • In the 'Search Position Class' pop-up, select the appropriate job title for your position.
    • You can do this either by typing in the Title and/or ID or searching though the list of folders.
  • Click on the Requisition Template field and select the appropriate Requisition Template ('Description = 'UNMTemp Services Requisition Template')
  • Display Job Title: Working Title (title you want shown for external applicants / for advertisement)
  • Employment Area: Leave as the default - UNMTemps
  • Click on the Primary Location field and select your hiring department by putting in the Org code.
  • Employment Type: Staff
  • Compensation: Hourly / Monthly
    • Range: Minimum to midpoint salary range. Ensure that the Range is accurate in relation to the Compensation type (i.e. $24,219.35 - $35,110.40 is not an accurate Hourly pay range.)
  • Applicant View Salary: Minimum to midpoint salary range in relation to the Salary Grade of the position
  • Position Class Compensation will auto-populate from the Position Class
  • Position Class Minimum Qualifications: Auto-populates
  • Select if position is Exempt / Non-Exempt
  • LoboTime Clock Only User: Check if applicable
  • Staff Type: Temporary Full-Time or Temporary Part-Time
  • Background Check Required: Yes / No
  • Campus: Select from dropdown
  • Enter Appointment Percent in whole numbers (i.e. 25, 75, 100)
  • Posting Type: Select from dropdown menu.
  • Non-Competitive Exception: Optional
  • Conditions of Employment: Auto-populates
  • Application Instructions: Follow the instruction listed in the textbox.
  • Advertising Resources: Follow the instructions listed in the textbox.
  • Enter Primary Index for Recruitment Costs, if applicable
  • Enter Department Contact Name (Last, First)
  • Enter Department Contact E-mail
  • Enter Department Contact Phone
  • Comments: Enter any information specifically for the UNMTemps Employment Area.
  • Position Class: Auto-populates
  • Position Class Title: Auto-populates
  • Staff Type: Select from drop-down menu
  • Salary Grade will auto-populate from the Position Class
  • Additional Requirements for this position: i.e. travel required, special hours, items unique to department and position
  • HR Consultant: Select from drop-down menu
  • Position Number: Enter the appropriate TS--- position number
  • Request By Name = Yes / No
    • If Yes: Enter Name of Temp Requested and Email of Temp Requested
  • Select correct Campus from dropdown menu
  • Work Schedule / Days / Shift: Enter work schedule information (i.e. Monday-Friday, 8:00am-5:00pm)
  • Length of Assignment: Amount of days / months of assignment
  • Potential Temp to Hire?: Yes / No
  • Enter Supervisor Name (Last, First): The individual that is responsible for time-keeping of employees.
  • Enter Supervisor UNM ID
  • Enter Position "Reports To" Name (Last, First): The individual that the employee will report to. 
  • Enter Position "Reports To" UNM ID
  • Enter Labor Index Code
  • Enter Labor Account Code: 20P0
  • Required Approvers (Last, First): Enter required approver(s) (i.e. Department Approver) as designated by the department, that must view the Requisition prior to it being posted to the external career site.
  • Applicant Reviewers (Last, First): Enter individuals that are assigned to review endorsed candidates / applicant pool.
  • Description and Qualifications Section
  • Description: Will default from Job Description, customize for your department needs.
    • You must enter your Position Summary in both the internal and external tabs
  • Qualifications: Enter preferences under 'Minimum' tab. Do not use the 'Ideal' tab.
    • Note: Please be as detailed as possible for competitive requests, as this information helps UNMTemps Recruitment Specialists in our search to find top-qualified candidates.
    • Hiring Team Section
    • Requisition Owner/Primary Owner (Whoever is managing UNMTemps)
    • Applicant Reviewers Section
    • Hiring Manager List individual from department who is viewing applications.
    • Reviewers List individuals who are also reviewing applications.
    • Interviewers List individuals who will be on the interview team.
  • Attachments: Attach any required documentation (i.e. Recruitment plan, Required approvals EVP, Dean/Director, HR)
    • If the job title that you are submitting for does not exist within your org, you will need to attach approval document from HR Consultant / Compensation.
  • Approvals: Add your department required approvals. Ensure that UNMTemps Approver is listed as the final approver.
    • To add UNMTemps as an Approver - Click on Approvals, Click on User, Click Add, Click on Enter Approver in Last Name field and UNMTemps in First Name field and search. Select Approver, UNMTemps.
    • Requisition 
    • Requisition ID Automatically populated 
  • Priority Make selection of High, Medium or Low
  • Openings: Indicate the number of temps that you are requesting.
  • Target Hire Date: Select your target start date
  • Once all applicable fields are completed, select Submit Request.

Once UNMTemps receives your request, we will:

  • Review your request
  • Post the requisition to the career site / career center after all required approvals have been obtained