Staff EPAF Redesign

What's New

  • Updated Staff UNMTemp Extension EPAF to retain supervisor information when extension is processed.
  • Updated Staff Term Extension EPAF so term extensions that span fiscal years do not impact budget encumbrances.
  • Updated EPAF approval routing queue to remove dependency on Dept Apprv Level 1 - Staff role when submitting EPAFs.
  • Updated EPAF approval routing queue to include College/School/Division Approver on EPAFs that have budgetary or employee relations impact. 
  • Updated EPAF approval routing queue to replace HR Consultant review with HR Transaction Center review. HR Consultants will remain in routing queues for EPAFs that have employee relations impact. 

Reason for Change

  • To improve effectiveness and timeliness of EPAF processing by fixing "bugs" in current EPAFs and reducing the numbers of required approval steps before the change is made to the employee's record. 
  • Rethinking the purpose of EPAF routing queue from employment transaction approval to facilitating the flow of information and transaction processing. 
  • Increase flexibility of EPAF approval routing queue to accommodate structure of both large and small divisions.
  • Increased flexibility of EPAF approval routing queue so HR Agents can determine the appropriate EPAF routing within a division.
  • To facilitate the flow of information through the applicable HR Agent regarding employment transactions that have employee relations or budgetary impact. 

What to Expect

EPAF Changes Will be Implemented March 5, 2018.

  • Updated EPAF job aids for Staff UNMTemp and Staff Term Extension EPAFs will be placed on Employee Knowledge Base and HR Forms page.
  • HR Transaction Center EPAF approval representatives will be identified and communicate to Staff EPAF Originators. 
  • HR Agents will need to ensure the appropriate individuals have requested the College/School/Division Approver BAR Role.
  • HR Agents can delegate the College/School/Division Apprv to department staff to approve EPAF transactions. See below for instructions on how to delegate the BAR Role.

Staff EPAF Required Routing Queues Effective March 5, 2018


Please Note: The table below indicates the system required EPAF routing queue for all Staff EPAFs effective March 5, 2018. HR Agents can require additional level of approvals when submitting Staff EPAFs based on the Division's needs. If your division requires additional level of approvals above what is required in the table below, please see the EPAF Routing Queue Job Aid.
ACATEPAF Description

Dept Apprv Level 1 - Staff

College/School/Division Appvr

HSC Contracts and Grants or Main Contracts and Grants

Employment Area Staff (HR Transaction Center)

HR ConsultantRequired Attachment
JS0001Staff Resignation   Yes Resignation Letter
JS0002Staff End Assgn/Term   Yes


For Staff Term Employees: Term Appointment Notification of Completion

For On-Call, Non-Credit Instructors, or Temporary employees: No documents are required

JS0003Staff Probationary Separation Yes YesFYI OnlyRelieved During Probation Notice to Employee (Please contact HR Consultant for details)
JS0004Staff Layoff   YesFYI OnlyLayoff Notice to Employee (Requires EVP approval, please contact HR Consultant for details)
JS0005Staff Discharge for Cause   YesFYI Only 
JS0006Staff Retirement   Yes Retirement Letter
JS0007Staff Deceased Yes Yes  
JS0008Staff Org Code Change   Yes  
JS0010Staff UNMTemps Job Ext Yes Yes  
JS0011Staff Job Shift Update      
JS0012Staff Exempt Change Apt% Yes YesFYI OnlyChange in Appointment Percent Form
JS0016Staff Supervisor Update      
JS0019Staff Non Exempt Change Apt% Yes YesFYI OnlyChange in Appointment Percent Form
JS0020Staff LoboTime Update      
JS0024Staff Non Exempt Term Ext Yes Yes Term Appointment Memo of Understanding
JS0025Staff HSC Exempt Term Ext wL/D YesYesYes Term Appointment Memo of Understanding  
JS0026Staff N Exempt HSC Ter Ex w LD YesYesYes Term Appointment Memo of Understanding  
JS0027Staff Exempt Main Term Ex w LD YesYesYes Term Appointment Memo of Understanding  
JS0028Staff N Exempt Main Ter Ex wLD YesYesYes Term Appointment Memo of Understanding  
JS0029Staff Exempt Term Ext Yes Yes Term Appointment Memo of Understanding  

Delegating College/School/Division Approver Role

HR Agents can delegate the College/School/Division Approver Role to department staff based on the needs of the division. To do so, when requesting the BAR role, the department staff member must override their Supervisor to be the divisional HR Agent to indicate the HR Agent's approval of the delegated aurthority.

  1. To request College/School/Division Approver BAR role, go to and log in. Select the Banner Authorization Requests link.
  2. The College/School/Division Approver BAR role can be found by select the Roles by Function link and select the EPAF Employment Transaction Functions section. The EPAF roles are listed alphabetically. 
  3. To add the role, select the Add check box in the the College/School/Division Approver row and scroll down to the bottom of the page and select the Add Selected Roles to My Request button. 
  4. Prior to submitting the request, override the Supervisor and enter the NetID of your divisional HR Agent. You will reiceve an email once the BAR Role Request has been approved.