EPAF Troubleshooting

EPAF Document Uploads

Save Button is Missing

The most likely reason is that the Save button is missing is because it is below the visible window.  In this case, it is easiest to zoom out until the Save button is visibile.

How to Zoom

Using the the keyboard
  • Windows:  Press Ctrl - (Minus) to zoom-out and Ctrl + (Plus) to zoom in
  • Mac:          Press CMD - (Minus) to zoom-out and CMD + (Plus) to zoom-in
In Microsoft Edge
  1. Click the ... in the Edge toolbar near the top right.
  2. Find the Zoom options which is normally the 5th item down
  3. Click the minus sign to zoom-out and the plus sign to zoom-in
Other Browsers
  1. Check the menus in the browser for the zoom functions
  2. Check the bottom of the window for a zoom slider (may not be visible if the browser window is too big to fit in the display however)