UNMTemps Job Extension EPAF

Considerations Before Starting

Approval Requirements

Please note approval requirements for the following areas:

Provost Office: An e-mail stating approval from the Provost's office.


  • Under the "Enter New Effective Date for Job Extend" section:
    • The Job Effective and Personnel Date should reflect the new effective date. This date should be the next calendar day after the current assignment end date.
  • Under the "Job End Fields" section:
    • The Job Effective Date and the Job End Date should both reflect the new assignment end date. Temporary assignments may not exceed twelve (12) months.

  • The "Routing Queue" is a pre-defined standard of approval levels. If you require a second level approver or an FYI:
    • Add in the Approval Level column as needed.
    • The User Name is the person/entity associated with a specific approval level.
    • The Required Action field identifies the appropriate action needed by the user.

In the Comments field, please note the reason for the requested extension.