Offer Letter Preferences

To set Offer letter Preferences.

  1. Log into
  2. Click Admin - ToolsRecruit
  3. Click on Offer Letter Preferences
  4. Just like with Requisitions you can create custom Offer Letter fields (see custom test field below) in addition to the out of the box fields.
  5. To see where the custom field will show up. Go to Admin – Custom Field Administration
  6. Click on Offer Letter in the left menu.
  7. So if there is a field(s) that you want to create and call into your offer letter template you can do that.
  8. This example has a Tag OFFER.CUSTOM.TEST
  9. The Response Methods section of the Offer Letter preferences comes into play when you are creating your requisition templates.
  10. You can also add Decline Reasons here (see example below).
  11. You can also set up a Candidate Acceptance. Is it an electronic signature or do they need to upload a document.