Staff Non-Exempt Term Extension


To extend a non-exempt (hourly, paid on the biweekly payroll) term employee. 


This page describes the procedure for submitting term extensions with and without labor distribution changes. The definitions for the three non-exempt term extension ePAFs are given below:

Staff Non Exempt Term Extension: To extend a non-exempt (hourly, paid on bi-weekly payroll) term employee without changing the position's labor distribution.

Staff HSC  Non Exempt Term Ext (w L/D change) Restricted: For HSC, non exempt (hourly, paid on bi-weekly payroll) term employees who are paid on a restricted funding source.  

Staff Main Non Exempt Term Ext (w L/D Change) Restricted: For Main and Branch Campus, exempt (hourly, paid on bi-weekly payroll) term employees who are paid on a restricted funding source. 

Required Documents

Term Appointment Memo of Understanding 


Access the ePAF Menu in LoboWeb

  • Log in to Select Enter LoboWeb.
  • Select the Electronic Personnel Action Forms link and then New EPAF.

Select the ePAF Transaction

  • Enter the 9 digit Banner ID for the employee in which the action will be taken, 
  • The Query Date will default to today's date. If the employee's term date has passed, enter the last day of the employee's term in the Query Date field. 
  • Select the appropriate ePAF from the Approval Category drop down menu. See the Applicability section for guidance as to the appropriate term extension ePAF to select.
  • Select Go.

The employee's active job records will load once the Approval Category has been selected. You cannot select the job record until selecting the "Go" button under the Approval Category field.

  • After selecting the Go button, a list of the employee's active jobs will appear. Select the position number to be extended and select Go under the employee's position list.

  • After selecting the Go button, you will be brought to the ePAF.

In the Job Extension Details section, enter the following information:

    • Enter start date of the new term in both the Jobs Effective Date and Personnel Date fields.
    • Enter the term end date in the Contract End Date field.
    • Enter the supervisor's 9 digit Banner ID in the Supervisor ID field. If the term employee's supervisor is not changing, you can cut/paste the current information into the Supervisor ID field.

If you selected an ePAF that updates the position's labor distribution, the Job Labor Distribution section will appear. 

  • Update the Effective Date to be the start date of the term.
  • Enter the COA, Index, Account, and Percent fields for all of th applicable indices. The total percentage must equal 100%.

In the Routing Queue section of the ePAF, the minimum required routing queue will display. 

  • Once the routing queue has been updated, select the Save button.
  • Once you have selected Save, you can upload the required attachment. See the EPAF Attaching Documents Job Aid for additional details.  
  • Select the Submit button to submit the ePAF transaction to submit the ePAF to the first approver.