Exit Survey


For what purpose will the staff exit survey be used?

The information will be used in the aggregate to analyze trends from the data and create programs and processes to improve the UNM experience. Specific participant information is confidential to the extent permitted by the law.


Who receives the data?

The information will be analyzed within Human Resources (HR) and will be provided in the aggregate to executive leadership, department administrators, and other HR representatives embedded in the field. In some cases, if the department is large enough and there is sufficient data so that information is not identifiable, information may be provided to the Director of the department or other equal level position to develop programs to make improvements in his or her area.

Is it absolutely confidential?

It is confidential to the extent permitted by law. Please understand that there are some topics which will require we research further and we may contact you even if you decide not to list your contact information directly on the survey. For example, if a report of sexual misconduct is made on the exit interview, we will have an obligation to follow-up on that item. We also may need to divulge information for purposes of due process, if an action is being taken against another individual based on items mentioned in the exit interview. (This is not an exhaustive list and other scenarios may apply).

Can I talk to someone further about my answers?

Yes, you may list your phone number and email. Please note in the text field that you would like someone to contact you further about your experience here at UNM.

What if I am having trouble getting into the survey?

Please email us at staffexit@unm.edu and someone will be in contact with you.


For additional questions regarding the Exit Survey please contact staffexit@unm.edu.