Running Status Reports as an HR Agent

In order to keep track of completion rates in your area, you may also run status reports in HR Reports. To do this:

  1. Log into HR Reports
  2. Select Employee Application
  3. On the left-side menu click on the Mandatory Training drop-down
  4. Click MT Report
  5. Scroll past the About This Report section to the Report Selection section
  6. For the Report Type, select By Level 3 Org from the drop-down
  7. For the box titled ‘Select Level 3 Org(s)’, select your Level 3 Org and click the ‘Move’ button [>]
  8. Sub-level orgs will be displayed in the Select Org(s) box immediately below. You will likely want to select the ‘Move All’ button [>>]
  9. Click Run Report
  10. Scroll down to the Filtered Incomplete Training Report section
  11. Click the Actions button and select Download
  12. In the ‘Download’ popup, click the CSV file to download and open in a spreadsheet. You may save it as an Excel file at this point.
  13. The columns to the far right will list the “Incomplete” status for each training that is not yet done.