How to request a BAR role to access the Salary Placement Equity (SPET)

SPET – 100.00

Date Established:     03/16/2023

Date Revised:           12/20/2023

General Description

This document shows you how to request a BAR Role to access the SPET tool.

Banner Authorization Request System


Requests are dependent on the scope of your position.


HR SPET Level 3 Agent


HR SPET Dept Initiator


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Process Summary










Step #




Go to:



Click on: Staff” on the bottom banner, it may ask for your NetID and Banner password.


Click on: Banner Services and select “Details”. The box will flip around.

Scroll down and click on “Banner Auth Request (BAR)”.


You should see this screen.


Click on:Search Roles” tab.


Enter:SPET” in the search field and click on the “Search” button.


Click on: the appropriate BAR role.

There are four (4) SPET BAR roles:

1. HR SPET Administrator -  RESTRICTED: For Core HR VP, HR AVP, HR Services Exec Director, and the HR Compensation Department only. Administrators with access to this role may assign a designee. Access to view, create, edit, and delete salary placement and equity grids for all university organizations. Full access to Strategic Planning Report and Education and Experience Report.

2. HR SPET Core User  -  RESTRICTED: For Core CS Director, CS Manager, Consultants and Analysts only. Access to view strategic planning report, education and experience report, and salary placement and equity grids for all university orgs, except ADF.

3. HR SPET Dept Initiator -  For individuals with designated authority by their department leadership to view, create, edit, and delete salary placement and equity grids for assigned department(s). Access to add education and experience to blank fields (only) on the education and experience report.

4. HR SPET Level 3 Agent -  For individuals with designated authority by leadership to view, create, edit, and delete salary placement and equity grids for their level 3 organization. Access to view the Strategic Planning Report with the ability to view, add, and edit education and experience on the Education and Experience Report.


Click on: the “Add Selected Roles to My Request” button.


Verify the following information is correct - choose by role: 

HR SPET Level 3 Agents: Once you have selected the correct role, the system should default and automatically add access for all departments within your assigned Level 3 college/school/division.

HR SPET Dept Initiators: Once you have added your department org(s) or level 3 org (if applicable), make sure the request routes to your HR Agent and not your supervisor, if different. If you are an HR Agent, no need to change this section.  

To override your supervisor’s approval and submit to your HR Agent for approval, Click on the “Override” button and enter the NetID of the HR Agent.

TIP: To find the NetID, use the link provided.  Enter the name of the Agent.  Click on: the “Search” button. You may be required to login to see the NetID using your NetID and password.


Enter: the reason why you need this BAR role. Please be specific and provide enough detail to support your request.

Sample language: Requesting HR SPET Level 3 Agent BAR role to view, edit, and delete SPET grids for my assigned Level 3.


Scroll to: the Select SPET Orgs” section and go to “Enter org code” field.

Enter the org code and click on the “Add SPET Org” button.

If you need more than one org, click on the “Find Org Code” link.

If you need access to an entire Level 3 org, enter the level 3 org code. All Level 5 orgs under the Level 3 school/college/division will be automatically added.


Click on:Add Roles”.


Enter: the partial org code, word, or phrase.

Click on: the Search” button.


Select the orgs you are required to access.


Please note: Your request may be denied if your request is overly broad.


Click on: Save”.

You should see your new org(s) have been selected.


Click on: Next >”.


Check: to see if the approval information and reason for the request are showing correctly.


Click on: “Submit Request”.


The BAR role request has now been submitted for approvals.

You will receive an email from ( to inform you of the status.


Once you have been notified of the final approval, you may access the SPET.



Open: SPET-102.00 – How to Use the Salary Placement and Equity Tool (SPET)